Communicating For Results

This 4 part webinar series is based on the Presentation Skills, Negotiating, Persuading Others & Difficult Interaction modules of the Harvard Managementor. Each module has core concepts, action steps, tips, self-test, and interactive exercises. The Online information is presented in a format that is easy to use and accessible wherever you have internet connection. Each module is covered in a 75 minute webinar from which one on-the-job implementation project is developed. Webinars are every other week. Pre and post assessments measure learning gains and an impact survey assesses implementation intent. The objectives of each module in this series are as follows:

Module 1 – Presentation Skills:

Sound advice on preparing and delivering presentations that command attention, persuade, and inspire. Includes rehearsal techniques as well as tips for creating and using more effective visuals. Also addresses the importance of understanding your objectives and your audience to create a presentation with impact. By taking this module you will learn how to:
  • Prepare an effective presentation customized for your audience and setting
  • Deliver an effective presentation that produces action
  • Address questions and keep people focused during your presentation

 Module 2 – Negotiating:

A practical guide to becoming an effective negotiator. Includes steps to guide you through the negotiation process: assessing your interests as well as those of the other party, developing opportunities that create value, avoiding common barriers to agreement, and implementing strategies to make the negotiation process run smoothly. By taking this module you will learn how to:
  1. Understand the basic types of negotiation and the key concepts underlying them
  2. Prepare for, conduct, and close a negotiation
  3. Maintain a good negotiating relationship with the other side and maximize value for both sides
  4. Avoid common errors and overcome common barriers to agreement

Module 3 – Persuading Others:

 Master the art and science behind successful persuasion— and begin changing others’ attitudes, beliefs, or behaviour to create win-win solutions. Formal authority no longer gets managers as far as it used to. To do their job—accomplishing work through others—managers must develop and use persuasion skills rather than simply issue orders. By taking this module you will learn how to:
  1. Understand what persuasion is
  2. Build your credibility
  3. Gauge your audience’s receptivity to your ideas as well as their decision-making style
  4. Appeal to listeners’ sense of logic and connect emotionally with them
  5. Overcome resistance to your ideas
  6. Activate persuasion “triggers,” or mental short cuts your audience may take to decide whether to support your ideas
  7. Prompt your listeners to persuade themselves to back your proposals

Module 4 – Difficult Interactions:

Shows how to discuss and resolve difficult interactions in the workplace–whether they’re with employees, peers, bosses, or even customers and suppliers. By taking this module you will learn how to:
  1. Decide which types of situations are worth investing time and energy to resolve
  2. Overcome barriers to action
  3. Identify the interpersonal differences that trigger difficult interactions
  4. Productively discuss the emotions that difficult interactions can raise
  5. Design solutions that satisfy your and the other party’s most important interests and concerns
  6. Coach your direct reports to help them learn to resolve difficult interactions

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