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New Managers

New managers represent the future of your organization. But how do you ensure that they are on the right track for the future, while also enabling them to perform the job they are assigned today? Harvard Business Publishing has new management training tools and programs to help them learn new skills, manage and cultivate relationships, minimize ramp-up time, acquire communications skills, engage new supervisors – all within the context of their daily imperatives.

Examples of solutions for new managers are…

Middle Managers

Middle Managers represent the core of your business. But are they optimally suited for the demands of their position? The Harvard Business Publishing programs help your middle managers develop the specific skills they need – by first identifying gaps in their skill sets, then tailoring content for each individual. Whether it’s communication, negotiation training, conflict resolution, critical thinking, decision making, team building, emotional intelligence coaching or some other area, Harvard Business Publishing can help your middle managers improve their performance.

Examples of solutions for middle managers are…

Leaders In Transition

Moving to a new position represents an opportunity both for a leader, and for the company. However, pitfalls abound – without clear guidelines and expectations, leadership transition can get bogged down or even derailed. Using a systematic approach, Harvard Business Publishing can help your leaders accelerate their transition … create more productive relationships and build new teams … manage change … establish strategic alliances … to facilitate a successful move.

Our solutions for managers in transition are:

Senior Executives

Almost by definition, senior executives are already successful and effective. Nonetheless, because of the far-reaching consequences of their decisions, informing top executives with actionable insight and effective inspiration is crucial. Our Harvard Business Publishing programs offers content specifically tailored to the needs and time constraints of senior executives, providing brief, engaging, flexible information that can help enhance corporate strategy, strengthen executive education, and promote breakthrough moments and ideas.

Examples of solutions for senior executives are….