Managing Change

When Strategies Shift

Change is a constant in today’s business world — make sure your managers are prepared for it. Managing Change is an online interactive course that zeroes in on the skills managers need to balance the pace and complexities of change, and roll out change initiatives successfully.


  • Achieve Success. Improve the quality and positive impact of change initiatives in your organization.
  • Minimize Mistakes. Avoid critical errors during transformation that can slow momentum and negate previous gains gained during any phase of the change process.
  • Immediate Impact. Managers are immersed in interactive, role-playing scenarios supplemented by expert feedback.
  • User-Friendly Format. Easy installation and point-and-click navigation require no user training and enable users to easily access the information when they need it.
  • Quick and Flexible. Modular components organized by incremental learning are convenient for busy, time-pressed managers.

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