Influencing & Motivating Others

The Art of Persuasive Leadership

Influencing and Motivating Others is an online interactive course that immerses managers in challenging, dialogue-based scenarios where the choices they make drive the conversation—and the results. The course provides practical tools for getting better results from direct reports, greater cooperation from peers, and stronger support from bosses and upper management. Your managers will gain useful insights into influencing the performances of others, cooperative lateral leadership and effective persuasion.


  • Boost Performance. Managers skilled at motivating employees drive performance improvement and accelerate strategic execution for reaching goals.
  • Empowered Leaders. Your managers will persuasively communicate new ideas and win support from senior management.
  • Immediate Impact. Managers are immersed in interactive, role-playing scenarios supplemented by expert feedback.
  • User-Friendly Format. Easy installation and point-and-click navigation require no user training and enable users to easily access the information when they need it.
  • Quick and Flexible. Modular components organized by incremental learning are convenient for busy, time-pressed managers.
  • Learn by Doing. Simulation courses immerse learners in common on-the-job challenges where their decisions drive results.

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