Harvard Managementor

Harvard ManageMentor is both an on-the-job toolkit and a broader organisational content library that delivers a robust solution to learning, teaching and performance support needs for managers and leaders throughout the organisation, where and when they need it. With a broad range of topics, concepts and practical on the job tools, Harvard ManageMentor is both a formal and informal learning and performance solution that translates learning to workplace performance.

Harvard ManageMentor incorporates proven practices that reinforce learning and build skills, addressing a broad range of issues faced by managers every day. Harvard Business Publishing’s world-class experts make the program engaging, relevant and effective.

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Harvard ManageMentor provides you with expert advice from world- renowned business leaders. Using audio downloads, video clips, interactive activities, and other tools, you have access to practical information that you can use immediately to address the issues that you face that day. Forty-four modules address fundamental business topics including Business Essentials, Communication Skills, Personal Development, Strategy Essentials, Working with Teams, and Working with Individuals.

Multiple uses — One Solution

There are a variety of ways to leverage the Harvard Managementor program.

➔ Performance Support: Offering you just-in-time, moment-of-need access to a wide variety of content, resources, and tools such as worksheets and step-by-step guides to solve problems and improve results.

➔ Learning and Development: By leveraging structured content and world- class experts, Harvard ManageMentor delivers prescriptive learning programs that ensure consistent performance.

➔ Teaching and Mentoring: Harvard ManageMentor prepares leaders to lead development discussions with their teams and others, providing opportunities to cascade learning throughout the organization.

➔ Collaborative Learning: Formalizing informal learning and facilitating and extending the reach of learning programs by enabling learning with and from others.

Download the following resources for more details on the Harvard Managementor 12

Harvard Managementor12 – Brochure Booklet

Harvard Managementor12 – Summary Brochure

Harvard Managementor 12 – Module Description, tools, articles and objectives

Harvard Managementor12 – Articles & Cases

Harvard ManageMentor Spark


The 44 Module Harvard Managementor11. Visit our Programs Page.


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