Leading For Results

Leveraging Your Leader Brand to Deliver Value

Take your leaders to a higher level of effectiveness by building and aligning individual strengths to business objectives. Leading for Results is a solutions-oriented online course designed to be completed with feedback from a boss, coach, or mentor. The course helps managers recognize their own strengths, and what the organization needs them to be to reach business goals.

Upon completion, your managers will have developed their own leader brand and defined the behaviors that will help them achieve positive, measurable results.


  • Immediate Impact. Online tools and a personal action plan help managers leverage and focus their individual strengths toward reaching specific goals. The course can be completed in one-to-three hours.
  • Personal Feedback. Key touch points provide leaders feedback from their managers, coaches, or mentors. A self-assessment tool, interactive worksheets, and animated case studies engage leaders in an intensely customized experience based on their individual strengths and organizational goals.
  • Groundbreaking Ideas. The course provides exclusive videos and access to two of the world’s foremost thought leaders in leadership development.
  • Improves Leadership. Managers build on their strengths to deliver tangible results and create more value for stakeholders.
  • Actionable Output. Targeted results can be mapped out and adjusted over time.

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