Topics of Focus

Performance Management

Understand the importance of helping employees grow and develop their skills, setting objectives, delegating effectively, and coaching direct reports.

Our solutions include:

  1. Coaching For Results
  2. Feedback Essentials (HMM)
  3. Delegating (HMM)
  4. Developing Employees (HMM)
  5. Goal Setting (HMM)
  6. Managing Performance (SUM)


Nothing is more important to business success on all levels than effective communication. Good communication skills promote efficiency, productivity and results; poor communications skills can derail an otherwise healthy business or initiative. We use Harvard Business Publishing resources, interactive programs, tools, and content that helps managers and leaders negotiate more effectively, handle difficult interactions, improve presentation and writing performance, streamline meetings … in fact, improve all areas of business.

Our solutions include……

  1. Productive Business Dialogues
  2. Managing Difficult Conversations
  3. Negotiating For Results
  4. Communicating For Results (HMM Skills Pack)

Decision Making

Every decision counts. Good ones lead to success; bad ones are costly and waste opportunities. But how are good decisions made? What separates a good decision from a bad one? Harvard Business Publishing ecourses help managers understand the process of decision making, with programs and content that increase confidence, build strong instincts, simplify complex decision-making processes, and identify common errors and pitfalls – all while still on the job.

Our solutions include….

  1. Tough Decisions (Executive Insights)
  2. Decision Making
  3. Ethical Decisions (Case In Point)

Change Management

Change is inevitable. Often, it is desirable. However, even productive change can be disruptive. Showing managers how to manage change can help smooth transitions. Through the Harvard Business Publishing programs we help managers develop skills such as improving processes … dealing with dismissals … handling a crisis … implementing a new strategy – all designed to help managers deal with change more effectively.

Our solutions include….

  1. Managing Change
  2. Leadership Transitions
  3. Stepping Up To Management
  4. Change Management Center

Talent Management

Managers generally earn their positions through outstanding performance. However, many have scant training in how to manage people. With the Harvard Business Publishing programs we help managers learn important skills, such as coaching, delegating, providing feedback, setting goals, appraising performance, and motivating a team. These skills help managers improve their own performance, and inspire those who work for them.

Our solutions include….

  1. Talent Management Center
  2. Managing More Effectively HMM Skills Pack
  3. Hiring (HMM)
  4. Retaining Valuable Employees (HMM)
  5. Firing (HMM)

Strategy Development & Execution

An intelligent and carefully planned strategy lays the groundwork for future success. Developing an effective strategy is a skill, one that requires innovation and creativity, combined with cogent thinking and incisive analysis. With the Harvard Business Publishing ecourses we help managers learn effective techniques for promoting innovation, measuring performance, thinking strategically, implementing and executing concepts and strategies.

Our solutions include……

  1. Executive Insights
  2. Strategic Thinking (HMM)
  3. Strategy Execution (HMM)
  4. Managing Change


All managers understand the value of good leadership. But few have ever been exposed to specific techniques and practices that create leadership excellence. Harvard Business Publishing shows leaders how to manage crises to inspire confidence … how to persuade others effectively … how to lead change initiatives … how to motivate a team. Armed with these skills, your managers can become more effective leaders.

Our solutions include…..

  1. What is a Leader
  2. Leading For Results
  3. Leading Teams with Emotional Intelligence
  4. Influencing & Motivating Others
  5. Team Leadership (HMM)
  6. Executive Insights


Can someone learn how to be innovative? Not only is it possible, it is essential to remain competitive. And, even highly creative individuals can benefit from knowing the skills of innovation. How to manage change. How to innovate big ideas. How to think strategically to promote breakthrough thinking. Harvard Business Publishing offers ideas and content on encouraging innovation, and making it successful.

Our solutions include……

  1. The Innovation Center
  2. Fostering Innovation (Case In Point)
  3. Innovation Implementation (HMM)