The Management Skills Development Series is a blended learning program powered by the Award Winning online resource, the Harvard Managementor.

This program focuses on the development of three core competencies (development tracks) for middle and senior managers. They are Communicating, Performance Management and Leadership. In each of these core competencies (development tracks) managers are trained in four (4) key skills.

The learning principles/concepts, tips, tools, practice scenarios, executive insight videos and articles are provided online by modules from the Harvard Managementor. The training is delivered via online seminars (webinars) and in-person workshops.

The key skills developed within each competence are as follows:

  1. Communication: Communicating For Results Series – Effective communication is a key driver for achieving desired results on a personal or business level. This 4 part webinar series is based on the Presentation Skills, Negotiating, Persuading Others & Difficult Interaction modules of the Harvard Managementor.
  2. Performance Management: The Performance Management Essential Series – The key to effective management is managing performance. This 4 part webinar series is based on the Coaching, Feedback Essentials, Developing Employees and Performance Appraisals modules of the Harvard Managementor.
  3. Leadership: The Leadership Essentials Series – Leadership is about creating a gap for others, inside of which they are excited to grow, develop and discover their self expression. This 4 part webinar series is based on the Leading & Motivating, Strategic Thinking, Team Leadership and Change Management modules of the Harvard Managementor.

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