Steps to Sound Decisions

Decision Making immerses managers in challenging, dialogue based scenarios where the choices they make drive the conversation—and the results. The learn-by-doing experience enables managers to build essential business skills in a highly interactive environment. Personalized feedback, expert content, and performance indicators guide learners toward heightened business effectiveness in making smart, informed decisions.


  • Faster Execution. Enhanced decision-making confidence at all levels leads to less information bottlenecks and faster execution of projects and initiatives.
  • Fewer Costly Mistakes. Decrease unnecessary costs incurred by bad or misinformed managerial decisions.
  • Immediate Impact. Managers are immersed in interactive, role-playing scenarios supplemented by expert feedback.
  • User-Friendly Format. Easy installation and point-and-click navigation require no user training and enable users to easily access the information when they need it.
  • Quick and Flexible. Modular components organized by incremental learning are convenient for busy, time-pressed managers.

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