This is the latest version of the Harvard ManageMentor. New capabilities and features include:

  1. Two new Modules (Global Collaboration and Ethics at Work
  2. Polls, discussion forums, comments, and ratings to spark informal learning across an organization in a new Connect section.
  3. Comprehensive search capability enables learners to filter by topic, media type and relevancy to speed access.
  4. 150+ new videos
  5. Guided navigation options
  6. Eighty eight new or updated articles and 20 new cases from Harvard Business Review.

For details on the HMM11 Toolkit see the resources below:

  • Summary HMM11 Brochure
  • Detailed HMM11 Brochure
  • Modular Outline – Summary of  key concepts, tools, and resources contained in each of the 44 modules.
  • HMM11 Topic Objectives – Lists the learning objectives for each topic in Harvard ManageMentor.