Give your managers the right knowledge to make a team genuinely work well together. Leading with Emotional Intelligence immerses managers in dialogue-based situations where their own choices drive the dialog and ensuing results. The course puts your managers into situations where they must flex their own emotional intelligence skills in order to drive team performance. Interactive exercises lead learners to discover the secret behind exceptionally productive teams.


  • Better Productivity. The program is designed to help managers improve business results through better understanding of a team’s emotional intelligence.
  • Stronger Team Culture.Your organizations’ managers will build teams that support each other.
  • Learn by Doing. First-hand experiences for high-impact learning in realistic environments that model actual business situations.
  • World-Class Content.Scenario-based learning, interactive tools, and follow-up action plans along with thought-provoking articles and case studies.
  • Rich Engaging Interactivity. Video and gaming elements drive attentive participation and completion, and make a memorable learning experience.
  • On-screen Guide. Each course has a Guide to provide direction and support for the learner.
  • Safe, Stress-Free Practice.Your managers get to test their communications skills and get immediate feedback in preparation for real-world application.

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