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Land an Interview with a Cold Call

by:  Dorie Clark Cold-calling doesn’t have to be about sleazy sales tactics or the quick hit; instead, it can simply be a way to connect with someone you might never otherwise have access to — even, it turns out, billionaires. After stints running a graphic design...

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Preventing Rejection at Work

by Judith E. Glaser You walk into a meeting late and people are already in huddles. Colleagues glance over ever so briefly then turn back to their conversations. You sit down in a corner and use your smartphone to check email. Once the group discussion starts, you...

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Stay on Message to Win Buy-In

by John Kotter Imagine this: Seeking buy-in for your new product or process proposal at work, you pick on one raised hand around the conference table for a question. The person — whom you know has deep, specialized knowledge in his area — asks a detailed question. You...

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